We have a clear product focus:

To produce the finest Italian grated cheeses


Cheese has great flavour. And don't Italians know that! We believe that Italy produces tasting and deliciously refined cheeses, and therewith also the finest grated cheese recipies in the world. 

The picturesque Italin Village of Monticelli d'Ongina is where we produce worlds finest dried and grated cheeses. We distribute and supply various cheese products in various types of packaging. We produce a great range of different recipes and also can supply you with Halal-certified products

We have the right solution for any customer and every sector. Simply because our cheese products provide the best flavour. Our dried grated cheese is an excellent choice to enrich your dish, and is also used for various applications such as ready meals. pasta and salad kits. It is also used as a topping or filling for bakery products, snacks and hearty nibbles. 

With our cheese products we add the ‘Italian touch’ to your dishes and products. In the three sectors that we are active in, we offer different types of packaging, including Private Label brand soluitons for retailers and food services.


From our extensive knowledge and expercience of industrial processing we supply our unique recipies in bulk bags between 10 and 25 kilogram. Together with you we select the best raw materials to produce the finest recipies. In line with your production standards, product requirements and needs.






Our innovative productioin processes, allow us to supply you with top quality dried and grated cheese products. We have shakers in different sizes, between 80 and 250 gram but also can supply you with sachets that are available in a various range. It's of course possible to work with our development team to create new recipies that meet your desires.




Food services

For the food industry we supply sachets between 5 and 40 gram, cans of 500 till 1,000 gram and 1 kilogram bags.

Do you want to know more about our flavours? Then please contact us. 






We listen to our customers and respond to their wishes and needs. You can ask us literally anything. We rise to the challenge to provide you with tailored customer solutions. This is why we use different recipes and supply products in different types of packaging.

If you have any questions, please talk to us!